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Srabanti's Journey

Chapter 1

Working at Researchime comes with its own set of challenges. And these challenges have opened up my mind to a whole new world of marketing. I had previously worked with content marketing with little to no experience with other niches of digital marketing. From making a list of contacts from scratch to creating newsletters for our email marketing campaign.

My first task was to create a database of professors and lecturers teaching at various prominent colleges in India. When I started to work on this I barely knew anything about excel. I started by going through lessons online to learn the basics. And took the task head-on and learned the ropes on the way.

Then comes working with Wix. Online tutorials came to my rescue again. Working on blogs and creating landing pages. My first page did not work properly and then I learned from my mistake, and figured out the problem and fixed the issue.

My next work was to work on the newsletters for our email marketing campaign. This was another mammoth task. I had heard about various email marketing services but had never worked on them. Here a majority of the time was spent on figuring out which service would be suitable for us. Then the next challenge for me was that I never created a newsletter before. I spent my time researching how to create a newsletter, Shashaanka guided me on how to work around the anti-spamming measures and helped me with the content of the newsletter.

I like being challenged with new problems, l love learning new things and Researchime has been constantly pushing me to improve and learn new skills. I look forward to learning more.

Srabanti Chakrabarty

Marketing Lead

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