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Yethinder's Journey

Chapter 1

It has been a week since I joined the Researchime team but I started working on my task well before I was officially taken in. I have been working with electronics, on similar projects for more than 5 years. This led me to assume that my job was simple when the idea was first explained by Dr. Shashaanka Ashili.

Counting on my experience and my knowledge I first thought that I could complete the first version of the project in a week's time. I started by designing the features according to the requirements on a paper and soon I completed the theoretical part. After it was approved by Dr. Shashaanka Ashili, I continued by building a prototype with what was available in my inventory. I did not have all the necessary components at my disposal and also couldn't buy them immediately due to the lockdown. I performed a few tests with satisfactory results but that was just 20% of what was to be done that week.

After I knew that e-commerce websites are online, I ordered a couple of sensors. Upon testing one of them, I realized that it wouldn't cut it. Either the theory is wrong or the sensor is defective, I went with the second case and returned it to the seller.

Reality check, a week has passed and I did not reach my ambitious goal. Although I did lay the foundation and the blueprint of what has to be done, I could not give it life. I would not put all the blame on myself as I could hardly do anything without the critical pieces and they were available on time. I'm just 10% into my journey and I know the remaining fraction would be strewn with failures and difficulties. After all, that's what I'm here for, to fail in every possible way and learn from the mistakes.

Yethinder Ragav

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