In the academic world, the focus is always in solving a major problem. In the due course of solving a problem, a technology is developed. In some use cases, the technology can be licensed very easily such as drug development (limited). In most cases, the technology needs to be converted into some version of the product to generate market's interest. This is critical in the present day market. To develop a rudimentary product to prove end-to-end utility, experts from multiple domains are required to collaborate. Consider this as a "Pre-Commercialization" phase. 

The primary difference between the academic and private sector experts is the former is focused on solving a problem perfectly from the tech point of view, while the latter is focused on solving the problem within the expectations of the market. 

Building bridges to turn a technology into product


The last few years, we had seen the rise of digital currency. Bitcoin, the first of its kind fueled the imagination. Blockchain is the underlying technology for all the digital currencies. Can this technology be used ​for other applications? Last few years had seen plethora of startups that are trying to answer this including voting, money transfer, file storage etc. There are numerous layers of complexity in developing and deploying blockchain solutions. An important factor in deploying the new technologies is the cost and RoI (Return on Investment). For a successful RoI analysis, the use case and product development need to be quantified. 


For our client, we have developed the use cases with RoI as the main criteria. Identified partners who can develop and deploy the product.  

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking is a broad term that refers from tracking vehicles to tracking postal packages. In general, everything can be tracked whether the asset is on the road or the asset is within the warehouse. There are numerous technologies that are critical in tracking including Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) gadgets, RFID, or even WiFi based devices. In addition, there are other parameters such as battery life, signal range, size of the device vs size of the asset etc need to be considered while designing the system architecture.  

The client was a multinational distributor with moving and with different sizes of non-moving assets. A complex end-to-end system was designed with multiple technologies to achieve asset visibility. 

Medical Records

One of the holy grails of the medicine is personalized medicine. The current "records" ecosystem is fragmented and unmatchable for the future designs. In this context, there is an immediate need for data-centric ecosystem for patient records. On the other hand, there are numerous entities that have attempted to solve this problem in a different route such as second opinion.  However, any success towards personalized medicine requires streamlining the medical records and providing the ability for seamless interaction between machines. 


Along with a US based physician, we have designed a web portal that is capable of interacting with patient and the doctors. The pilot has been deployed. 

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